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Rcinpower AOS Supernova 8S 2207-1570KV motor

Rcinpower AOS Supernova 8S 2207-1570KV motor

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Rcinpower AOS Supernova 8S 2207-1570KV motor 

Check RCINPOWER AOS 2207 1980KV motors  and the rest of our RCINPOWER Collection!

The AOS Supernova 2207 redefines performance for a 5" FPV motor. It delivers more power, more torque, and better efficiency per gram than any other motor in its class. Now the 8S version 1570KV one in Red Color is available.

The AOS Supernova 2207 sets a new bar for performance for a 5” Motor, delivering unmatched top-end thrust and power with exceptional efficiency. This new 1570KV variant optimizes the KV for 8S battery voltage.

The Supernova 2207 1570KV delivers 37.6% more thrust, 52.9% more torque, and 60.9% faster response compared to a typical 5” motor on 6S at 3.5% higher efficiency (Tested on HQ 5x4.5x3 V1S). Nothing else in the 5” class comes close to those numbers.

Package Includes:
1x Rcinpower AOS Supernova 2207 1570KV Motor

1x Hardware Set

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