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Rcinpower AOS Supernova 2807 1400KV Brushless Motor

Rcinpower AOS Supernova 2807 1400KV Brushless Motor

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Rcinpower AOS Supernova 2807 1400KV 4-6S FPV Brushless Motor for 6-7 Inch RC FPV Racing Freestyle Long Range Drones Spare Parts


The AOS Supernova 2807 redefines performance. An unrivaled thrust to weight ratio is combined with excellent efficiency and world-leading responsiveness to create the ultimate power unit for 7" FPV.

Introducing the AOS RC Supernova Motor, designed for high-performance FPV drones. Featuring a KV of 1400 and a 12N14P configuration, this motor is all about speed and precision. With its compact and lightweight design at just 47 grams, it's the perfect choice for your aerial adventures. To enjoy precise low throttle control along with mind-blowing top-end power AOS recommends using throttle expo in Betaflight with these motors to get the best flight feel and performance. Try Throttle MID = 0 and Throttle EXPO = 0.20 to start. Increase EXPO for more precision at low throttle, and decrease expo for a sharper throttle response. Elevate your drone's power with the AOS RC Supernova Motor!

Check out AOS 2807 Motor and the rest of our RCINPOWER Collection!


Stator Diamter:28mm
Stator Length:7mm
Shaft Diameter:4mm(Hollow)
Motor Dimension:32.9*35.3mm
Weight:47 Grams(3cm Wire)
Idle Current (10 Seconds)@10V: 1.4A
No.of Cells(Lipo):4-6S
Max Continuous Power(W)5S:960
Internal Resistance: 58mΩ
Max Current (5S): 40A
Max. Efficiency Current: (2-6A)>87%

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