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SEQURE H743 & E70 G1 Stack

SEQURE H743 & E70 G1 Stack

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SEQURE H743 & E70 G1 Stack FC MPU6000 70A 128K ESC 4-8S For Racing Freestyle FPV Racing Drone

Product Description:


(1) Equipped with a high-performance STM32H743 processor, the operation frequency is up to 480MHz, offering rapid control response.

(2) Adopts MPU6000 gyroscope, this FC realizes precise gesture sensing and stable control, improving the reliability of the system.

(3) SEQURE H743 has an onboard barometer, OSD, and 16MB large capacity black box, which effectively records the flight data.

(4)  Reserve 6 UARTS to meet the needs of most devices.

(5) It can control up to 8 motors, easily constructing X8.

(6) Equipped with a plug-in connector and dual BEC outputs, the FC provides independent 10V voltage,allowing the DJI O3 and analog VTX to plug in for use directly.

(7) Supports wide voltage input of 4-8S Lipo, mounting holes of 20mm and 30.5mm. Mini design, suitable for various types of racks like racing, aerial photography, freestyle, etc.


E70 G1 4IN1 ESC

(1) STM32G071 high-performance processor, using BLHeli_32 firmware, 2-8S wide voltage input, single-channel continuous current 70A, peak current up to 150A.

(2) Built-in galvanometer, supports telemetry return, and updates motor speed, temperature, current and other data in real time.

(3) High-quality high-power MOSFET, ultra-high efficiency conversion, reducing losses and extending flight time.

(4) High copper thickness multi-layer PCB design increases over-current capability, efficient heat dissipation performance, and is not afraid of load pressure.

(5) Precise switch interval time control, speeding up the response speed of the ESC, smooth control, and delicate feel.

(6) PWM frequency supports 16KHz-128KHz, and excellent circuit design to solve the out-of-step problem.

(7) Innovative design, oblique surface soldering pad, motor wiring layout is more beautiful and safe, while reducing welding difficulty.

(8) 20*20mm installation hole spacing design, compact structure, adaptable to various types of racks, easy to install.

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