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RCINPOWER SmooX 1507 Plus M2 Brushless Motor

RCINPOWER SmooX 1507 Plus M2 Brushless Motor

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RCINPOWER SmooX 1507 Plus M2 Brushless Motor

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RCinpower's 2020 new model, SmooX 1507 Plus, is fully upgraded on the basis of the original 1506. Adhering to the linear and smooth characteristics of the SmooX series, it is very suitable for 3 inch bypass machines and ultra-light 4-5 inch traversing machines. Machine use!

SmooX 1507 Plus major upgrades:

1. The newly designed high-value-value integrated shell rotor has increased strength;

2. The stator specification is upgraded to 1507, the load capacity is stronger;

3. Adopt military-standard 260-degree oxygen-free copper thick wire to improve the reliability of extreme working conditions;

4. Targeted KV setting is more scientific and reasonable;

5. Adhering to the characteristics of SmooX series, linear and smooth.

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