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ODESC V4.2 Single-Drive High-Current High-Precision Brushless Servo Motor Controller

ODESC V4.2 Single-Drive High-Current High-Precision Brushless Servo Motor Controller

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ODESC V4.2(24V/56V) high-performance brushless drive is based on the open-source project ODrive for hardware optimization and enhancement, with stable performance and matching ODrive original firmware. The supporting USB connection to the PC terminal can realize motor debugging and complex multi-directional axis control and can realize FOC control for most brushless motors on the market. With the use of the encoder, it can also realize any torque, speed loop, position loop, current loop, and position control based on trajectory planning, etc. It can be widely used in flexible robot joints, robotic arms, 3D printing, camera universal joints, pan rail, CNC milling machine, ship models, car models, and other DIY, industrial and automation fields.

Product Parameters
Hardware Version


Drive motor

Brushless DC motor (BLDC)

 Braking method

Power resistors, battery recycling



Working voltage

8-24V, 8-56V

Maximum current


Continuous current


Motion mode

Speed, Position, Current, Torque, Trajectory and Other Control Modes

Encoder type

Incremental encoder (AB, ABI), absolute value encoder (SPI), Hall sensor (HALL), AMT102, AMT103, TLB5012, AS5047P, etc.

Communication interface

USB, PWM, UART, CAN, Analog Input, Step & Direction, GPIO, ASCII, etc.

Over-current heat dissipation

PCB integrated high-current open skylight design, adopts thick copper layer and special process of immersion gold, and CNC custom-made aluminum metal heat sink, which greatly enhances continuous over-current capability and improves operation stability.

Apply to

Robot Joint Control, Robotic Arm, Food Delivery Robot, Inspection robot, AGV Car, 3D Printing, Pan-tilt Slide Rail, CNC Milling Machine, Force Feedback Simulator, Industrial and Automation BLDC Control Field, etc.

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