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iFlight ELRS 2.4GHz915MHz 500mW Receiver

iFlight ELRS 2.4GHz915MHz 500mW Receiver

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iFlight ELRS 2.4GHz915MHz 500mW Receive


A new version of the iFlight ELRS Receiver is available. It incorporates a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator to prevent frequency shifts caused by temperature variations, with telemetry power reaching up to 500mW. It significantly meets the reliability requirements for long-distance flights, aerial photography, or FPV freestyle maneuvers.


Single-sided electronic components, saving assembly space

Aluminum heatsink plate to protect electronic components, and enhance anti-interference capability

Newly upgraded Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, lower packet loss, high frequency stability

Pre-soldered SH1.0 connector (Plug&Play for easy installation with iFlight FCs)

Up to power 500mW telemetry power, resulting in stronger telemetry signals and significantly reducing instances of telemetry loss.

Performance and Compability

Make sure to install the antenna away from conductive or magnetic components (carbon, metal, motors). 

Flash the latest firmware and follow the ELRS Community for updates, tutorials or contributions.

Use iFlight ELRS receivers coupled with our transmitter for maximum performance! We've probably achieved market's best crystal frequency stability at a very low frequency deviation. 

Band Option

The 900MHz as well as 2400MHz band have outstanding performance and long range capabilities. If you're not sure what to get, please checkout the official ELRS Long Range Competition to see what has been achieved.

What can you expect? Due to local regulations, the 900MHz FCC region seems to have a better performance than the 868MHz EU region. The 2400MHz band works great in any region, has a higher packet rate up to 500hz. This is not a common 2400MHz protocol and cannot be compared to anything prior on the market.


MCU: ESP 8285

Receiver Type: Single antenna

Firmware: iFlight 900MHz 500mW RX (868MHz/900MHz)

                   iFlight 2.4GHz 500mW RX (2.4G)

Lua Script: iF 900 500mW RX (868MHz/900MHz) / iF 2G4 500mW RX (2.4G)

Frequency bands: 868MHz EU/900MHz FCC and 2.4GHz ISM

Telemetry Power: 100-500mW (20-27dBm) (868/900MHz) 

                                 50-500mW (17-27dBm)(2.4G)

Dimension: 14*25*4.3mm

Protocol: CRSF

LNA: N/A(868/900MHz) / YES (2.4G)

Weight: 1.8g

Packing List

1 x ExpressLRS 500mW Receiver

1 x Antenna

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