Who makes the best 5" FPV Motor? RCinPower Wasp Major for the win!

Rcinpower wasp major is with a kind of strange size it's 22.6 by 6.5 millimeters and i have two kvs of that the 1860 kv and the 2020 kv.

We want to look at the key features and durability of this motor.We also want to know the thrust the efficiency the power and the responsiveness of the motor because that's going to be really important to how the quad flies and feels in the air. We also want to consider the size and the weight of the motor because not only is the motor a significant portion of the quad's weight but because it's so far out on the ends of the arms it has a really big effect on the moment of inertia of the quad on all three axes,so it's it's really important to get that size and weight balance right all of the performance numbers that.

Unibelle designs and what that means is that the bell that's typically machined
out of aluminium extends all the way down over the flux ring and the magnets.
This provides a lot of area to friction fit the flux ring into the bell and basically makes it impossible for the flux ring ever to fall out of the bell even in a very very hard crash.it's just not going to have this problem of dropped bells in heavy crashes and that really does contribute to the durability of the motor.

The lower kv 1860 kv was more efficient and if you compare the 1860 kv to the 2020 kv you can see that lower kv motors in general are more efficient than higher kv motors with the same dimensions.

Let's look now at the wasp major 22.6 by 6.5 1860 kv strange size but again it's really well made nice neat windings very tight air gap RcinPower clearly have the tolerances on their manufacturing sorted because it's it's really impressive how tight they can make these air gaps and it's a very efficient motor again so similar to the smooths it's a nice efficient motor a bit of a bigger motor so it does produce a little bit more thrust and it's a little bit more responsive which is which is good to see and i like the color scheme yellow and gray there's not much more to to say
about this motor other than to recommend it as a pretty fine choice.

Now we come on to the high kv category and we're going to start with the wasp
major 2020 kv,now this motor put up the same thrust numbers the same performance as the larger 25 millimeter size motors so it's a really powerful motor.

If you're looking for that top end thrust and performance but you don't want the weight of a 25 or 2506 size motor then this could be a great choice, very tight air gap again, very neat windings, RcinPower know what they're doing and a nice color scheme as well so there's a lot to recommend this motor particularly if you're looking for that top end thrust and power and i would say on a five inch prop I would recommend wasp major motor over any of the bigger motors.

And they may have the RCinPower Wasp Major V2 version released soon, stay tuned on https://fpvstorerc.com/, you will be the first one to check the latest motors and items from RcinPower.

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