RCInpower 0702 and 0703 motors are coming soon on https://fpvstorerc.com/

The new 0702 and 0703 fpv brushless motor from Rcinpower has been released, and it will be shipped gradually from June 2024.

There are 2kvs option and 2 colors for them. 27000KV, 29000KV for 0702 motors, 23000KV and 27000KV for 0703 motors. Both motors are with Teal Blue color or Red & Silver color.


Now there are some other brand 0702 motors in the fpv market already, like vci 0702 motors, happymodel, betafpv, newbeedrone. But they may have some problem, like rotor separation, not durable, obvious thermal decay. That is why Rcinpower made these 0702 and 0703 motors, they may be your best motor to fly in the race.As they're bringing double ball bearings, delta winding termination, and a newly-designed stator and magnet system.


The Rcinpower 0702 motor weights only (with 40mm plug/wire) 1.5895g, while the 0703 motor weights only 1.9061g.

RCinpower 0702 and 0703 motors are an excellent option for durable 702 with double-ball bearing micro brushless motors. These motors are the result of a complete overhaul and redesign of the 702 and 703, meant to minimize the weight of non-performance parts of the motor while maintaining ensuring performance. The stator and magnetic structure are a unique shape not found in other 702 or 703 motors, placing coiled magnet wire closer to magnets. The magnets themselves are high-performance temperature-resistant magnets that fit together more closely than lots of 0702 and 0703 motors out there. After a conversation with the engineer and creator of this motor design, we are convinced that attention has been given to weight loss, but the highest priority throughout the design process was the actual flight experience. 
These motors use a Delta termination winding, feature a double-ball bearing design, and have a minimal PCB design. 

For this motor review, you can check it here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPQBow3LyRE

You will like the latest Rcinpower 0702 and 0703 motors, happy flying with them.

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